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Steve Bridgeman

Holy Cross College

School for higher learning

"… man's finest hour... is... when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle-victorious." - Vince Lombardi

About Me


I would like to welcome you to my eFolio. My name is Steve Bridgeman, originally from Dearborn, Michigan. I am currently a senior at Holy Cross College in Notre Dame, Indiana. As a math tutor at Holy Cross, I love working with numbers. This love of numbers made choosing business as my major very easy.   Holy Cross College has helped me excel and prepared me to join the United States Air Force. Holy Cross gave me the opportunity to join Air Force ROTC at the University of Notre Dame while getting a degree at a small school where I received individual attention.

The theme of my eFolio is a quote from Vince Lombardi. I first heard this quote during my junior year of high school and it has followed me throughout college. I have used this quote throughout college as a motivation for my classes, sports, and AFROTC to push myself to have not just one finest hour, but several. Holy Cross has shown me the importance of hard work in attaining my dreams and thus come out victorious.
 I first learned about Holy Cross College during my senior of high school from a good friend who was attending in the fall. However, I decide to attend a local community college for a year and a half. I came down for a visit my freshman year in college to look at Holy Cross. I could see myself attending Holy Cross and playing hockey at a collegiate level. I finally decided to attend during my sophomore year.
Holy Cross has allowed me the opportunity to do service in the South Bend area and in other parts of the country. Holy Cross also has a professional internship opportunity where I was able to learn valuable leadership skills. I also had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills through Air Force ROTC and as an assistant captain of the men's ice hockey team.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my eFolio. Please feel free to select the links on the left hand side to view my experience at Holy Cross College. Below is a Holy Cross College commercial that briefly explains the holistic mission of the college.

Holy Cross College

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